Describe and explain the history of dating.

Read “Who gets what and why” by Alvin Roth
Describe and explain the history of dating i.e. how opportunities for women to marry evolved since the 1950s. Roth explains this in his book. For example several decades ago, many women married their high school sweethearts because many did not pursue higher education. As women became more educated over the years, their access to dating pools changed. Explain this in about 1 page.
In the other 2 pages, talk clearly and lay out key points about gale-shapely’s deferred acceptance algorithm. Please explain how modern dating sites such as e-harmony,, tinder, etc. may use and apply this algorithm to match potential couples. Would this be algorithm be applicable in these dating sites? What does Al Roth think about the application of the algorithm in the modern dating world? Use quotes from the book

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