Describe the initiation of the OT process at your site including referral, screening and initial assessment.

1.Describe the initiation of the OT process at your site including referral, screening and initial assessment. Describe the caseload, for example population served and number of clients treated on OT caseload per day/week. Include any pertinent job functions of the occupational therapist outside of treating their case load.( 3 paragraphs)

The initiation of the OT process at Independent assisted Living (IALs), memory care facility, and IAL for nuns starts with referral patient by the MD. Also OT participated in the each facility meeting ones a week where managers, director go over progress or regress of each patient and OT can focus if somebody need help too, then usually she give patient information to her assistant, who is getting more information from the doctor. Most of the patients in these facilities come from home.
During the initial evaluation the OT assess through DaSH, Barthex, SPADI and use depended on the pt independency of ADLs and IADLs, also assess ROM and strength, muscle tone, MMT. The OT does not use a cognitive assessment; she thinks that is inappropriate to use it, because in pt history tells that she/he has dementia, or cognitive impairment. All of the ADLs are rated on the FOM scale. OT uses Wedoc documented program.
Mostly of the patients have shoulder injury and urinary incontinence. Usually OT works with 2-3 units twice a week for each patient. IAL facility has 9 caseload, the memory community has 2 caseloads and nuns community have 5 caseloads. Overall OT has 8 caseloads per day.
The population is about 65 and + years old, they joke that some of them just older, then elder, then elderly elderly 90+. At the nuns community are only elder women.
OT who I work with is responsible for educating patients about supply and adaptive equipment and assists them with any help. Some previous patients, who were discharge long time ago, sometimes visit her and ask for advice or help with installing in the right place grab bar or change the walker length. She does massage with bio freeze for patients or coworker who has neck or shoulder pain. Also last week was a wellness week, where each facility has a one-hour spa treatment. OT was the leader of that idea and participated as well. Also she buys from her own pocket bio freeze or hot cold pack, for patient who is going to travel.

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