Sister Wives1

\”Sister Wives\” is a reality show which debuted on The Learning Channel in 2010. It is about a polygamous family, the Browns, who live in Utah. The Browns are now being investigated by the Utah Attorney Generals Office for committing a felony (polygamy is a felony in most states, including Utah).

This block\’s activity has three parts:

1. Watch the NBC \”Today\” show\’s segment on the Brown family and the investigation at

If you prefer, a transcript of the clip can be found at the same link. Simply scroll past the video to the bottom half of the screen.

2. Decide which of the three theoretical paradigms (functionalism, conflict, or symbolic interactionism) best explains the situation in Utah.

3. Explain to me why you chose that particular paradigm. If you choose the functionalist perspective, be sure to address the purpose of the event. If you choose the conflict perspective, be sure to identify the conflicting groups and the resource over which they are fighting. If you choose the symbolic interactionist perspective, identify some of the symbols used in the event and explain what those symbols represent.

Once an assignment has been submitted to me, it can not be retrieved and changed (even though the screen says \”edit my submission\”). Make sure that the answer is in final form before submitting. My recommendation is that you work on the answer in your word processor. When you have finished and are ready to submit it, see directions under \”How To\” in first block. Be sure to follow all 8 steps.

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