Describe the OVERALL budgetary cycle.

Locate a LOCAL government for this homework (NOT state or federal government).

1. Describe the OVERALL budgetary cycle that the local government is using, in terms of who does what and when for getting this budget requested, proposed, approved, executed and evaluated (NOT the budget cycle of a particular department , say the department of education, or the police department, within a government.  Again, it is the overall budget cycle of a local government).

2. Based on your understanding of this entity’s budget process, participants and dynamics in particular, and your understanding of these issues in general, what is budgeting? PLEASE BE SURE TO SUPPORT YOUR CHARACTERIZATION OF BUDGETING WITH  THE READINGS OF CHAPTER 2 AND 3. Please do not just describe the budget process. The ultimate goal of this assignment is to get a feel for “what is budgeting.”

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