Discuss ways in which small business can leverage social media & mobile technologies in increasing its sales.

Discuss ways in which small business can leverage social media & mobile technologies in increasing its sales. Respond to at least two other students in a substantive manner.


Arbutus – In the hair salon business, the way I can leverage social media is by using automatic social media marketing this will help me connect with our customers and also help me to make a profit as long as I stay committee and stay active on the site using Facebook, Twitter, and the mobile apps especially when I’m selling extensions and weaves technology that they have today I can use PayPal, Bank cards, to ensure that my customers get their product on time. Here’s an example of how well social media can help one Corporation or a small business.

According to (Social Media Today) Red Bull in 2012 selling about 5.2 billion cans of energy drink which they launched the campaign on social media and that was their leverage. By using these tools, it will help me with sales forecast with a higher percentage of real customer orders that allows my business providing the right customer service, before, during, and after the sale in my opinion the goal should be to provide a high-quality goods and service to customers at a low possible price while still achieving a return on your business.

For me this is my starting point for real profits and positive cash flow the function is between the company and its customers. The customer service starts with the sale function. In my opinion using all these tools and technology will help increase my sales and profit for my business grow also give my customers good quality hair extensions and weaves at a lower price because I do believe if you have a lower price and good quality people will buy your product and women love to buy extensions and get their hair done


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 Andrew – Sales and marketing are influenced by many things and one of best ways is word of mouth; Facebook, Twitter and other sites like this two takes the idea of spreading information to a whole new level.  I use face book often to learn about new products the are being worked on and that are now out for the public.  I plan on using Facebook in the same way to were people will see the products that I am working on and see what I have out already.  The use of Facebook also leads to the use of Youtube.  Youtube is a great site to see how a product is in use and what that product can do.  Before this sites you had to wait and see an info commercials on TV to see how a product worked or just buy the product based off the name and use it; Youtube lets you see everything before you buy it.

     Mobile sites are the new thing out there now.  They came to be because of the screens on the smart phone are not the same as the computers and laptops that everyone was using to view the Internet, and with everyone using tablets and smart phones they made new sights to fit the phones and tablets.  These sites make it better to view the sites from phones.

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