Describe the research being done to try to grow an organ or tissue specifically.

Your Final term paper must select a topic of tissue engineering that involves stem cells, and describe the research being done to try to grow an organ or tissue specifically. We can negotiate your topic, I want it to interest you but it must cover a tissue engineering topic. The paper will be at least 10 pages and have: Introduction: a review of the topic based on review articles you have read. (review articles lack experimental data, they are easier reading and provide an overall picture of the topic). On AVERAGE this section should be 2-3 pages. Body = 6-8 pages (2-3 pages/primary lit article) describing the work done in the primary journal articles you will read on your topic.(for 3 articles this is 6-8 pages) YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 3 research articles (2009-2013) This section should be a well “flowing” discussion in good detail about methods on what each group did in their paper- each paper should take 3-4 pages to discuss. Be sure to make “transitions” between each paper- help me see why the three papers are related. You should be building a story so at the end of the three papers you can discuss where studies in the field will be going next and what they eventually hope of an outcome would be. DO NOT just list three papers and DO NOT begin by referencing the citation- make a nice logical introductory sentence as to what the next group then studied. It should read smoothly and not appear like a list of papers Discussion as to the significance of this work and where future studies will lead in this field (based upon the info in your 3 articles) References, in standard format as found in any of your articles

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