How would his/her life be different without these services?

Observation/Community Services for the Aged In response to the increase in the number of people who live until late adulthood, many communities have developed programs and services to meet the special needs of the elderly. These services are provided through private and public agencies on the local, county, state, and federal level. Through these programs, the elderly can get assistance with medical, legal, and financial problems. They can locate more appropriate housing, find a special exercise program for senior citizens, and even arrange to have meals delivered to their homes if they have difficulty preparing them. The purpose of this activity is for you to become more familiar with the community resources available to the elderly in your local area. Make a list of the various services and programs you have located to assist senior citizens; include addresses and phone numbers. include this list in your paper at the begging please. Describe the specific services provided by each agency or group. Visit one of the agencies to learn more about the special needs of the elderly. Interview the agency director, program planner, or other person who works directly with the elderly. If possible, interview one elderly person who participates or has participated in the activities to learn the impact on his/her life by having the services of the agency. How would his/her life be different without these services? Would he/she make changes in services offered? What, if any? What did you gain for yourself in doing this activity?

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