Describe the role of management accounting in sustainability.

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You are required to write a research proposal on an international management accounting and/or management control systems-related innovation/technique/ or practice that has been used by private and/or public sector organizations around the world. Examples of management accounting/control innovation/technique/ or practice includes activity-based costing/management (ABC/M), budgeting, balanced scorecard, performance measurement systems, compensation/reward systems (e.g. bonus, executive compensation), transfer pricing, CVP analysis, capital budgeting.
The paper should incorporate the following sections:
1. Introduction: where the subject matter/the aim of the study will be introduced and motivated. This will include answering questions such as why is it important to study your topic of your interest? And So what? How does your study contribute to the current literature? Who is going to benefit from the study? (2-3 pages)

2. Literature Review: Highlight the current literature on the research topic. The literature review should enable you to motivate the study and articulate some research question(s) that can be answered when the study is executed. The literature review should also identify the theory that you will be using to explain the relationships between the variables of your research model. This literature review section should show clearly that you have read and drawn on at least 10 research papers that were published in international academic journals. (3-4 pages).

3. Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses: Introduce the research model and build the hypotheses through theorizing on the relationships depicted by the research model. (0.5 to 1 page for the theoretical development and 1 page for each hypothesis). This section should conclude by the operationalization of the constructs of the research model ((0.5 to 1 page for the operationalization of the constructs).

4. Research Method (or Research Design): this section consists of two parts:

– Description of the appropriate research method to be used to execute the study. You will need to justify why you choose this research method instead of other alternative method(s). This section should also include the data collection and analysis technique(s) to be used, and the targeted population/sample selection (why this population/sample is targeted?). (2-3 pages).
– Description the data analysis techniques to be used to analyze the data that will be collected for the study. (2-3 pages).

5. Conclusion: Explain how the findings of your study can move the current literature forward by highlighting their implications to the academic literature and practitioners. You will also need to pinpoint the limitations of your study, and suggestions for future research. (2-3 pages) 6. Full Reference list (You need to follow either of APA or Harvard style)

7. Your study should include an Appendix that displays the data collection instrument that you will use for this study (e.g. Survey instrument, interview protocol, experiment tasks, or full description of the source of secondary (archival) data).

Please use Times New Roman, 12 font in double spaced,

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