Describe what Miroslav plays during Coreas solo?

Topic 1: The order of solos in this piece is: Corea, Miroslav. Listen to the recording and provide counter numbers for the beginning and end of these two solos. Describe their solo styles. Listen to how they phrase or create musical lines over the chord changes. Try to include some detail. How do their solos change and develop over the course of their particular solo? Describe what Miroslav plays during Coreas solo? Is he walking in a traditional way? Does he clearly play the downbeats? Are Corea and Miroslav in a conversation during Coreas solo? Miroslav solos after Corea. Describe his technique on the bass. Does he phrase like other bass players you have heard solo, such as Scott LaFaro? Is his soloing like that of a horn player? Describe the feel of drummer Haynes during the solos. Compare and contrast Coreas soloing with Bill Evans. Would you describe the style of these soloists as bop, hard bop, cool, modal, free or elements of more than one style? Explain in detail using what youve learned from the Lessons about these particular styles.

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