Develop a sense of how ERP accommodates business information flows.

BA 302 – Individual (Not Group) Assignment 3 – ERP – Microsoft Dynamics GP
Due Date: At the beginning of class on Thursday, December 3, 2015
Max: 25 Points (About 5% of course grade)

Acknowledgement: This assignment was prepared by instructor Michael Curry and his TA for use by BA302 instructors. On the top of the next page, this assignment refers you to a 42-page PDF document, which is needed to complete this assignment. You would also need your ONID ID (which is the first part of your ONID email ID) to complete this assignment. For example, if your ONID email is, then your ONID ID is ira – the part before the @ sign.
Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to give you hands-on ERP experience using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)—an ERP software system–so that you develop a sense of how ERP accommodates business information flows.
Scenario: For this assignment, you will assume that you are an intern at Fabrikam (a fictitious organization). This company serves as an intermediary between suppliers and customers. It purchases products from different suppliers and sells them to different customers. If the requested item is not in stock, the scenario assumes that the sales staff servicing a customer is able to back-order items directly from the suppliers. (It is often not a good assumption in the real world for sales staff to order supplies from suppliers). You will use Microsoft Dynamics GP software to conduct the hypothetical and simplified sales business process displayed in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Sales Process at Fabrikam
Please carefully follow the instructions in the 42-page PDF document called BA302_Dynamics_GP_Tutorial that is posted separately on Canvas (See Assignment – Assignment 3 subfolder on Canvas). It is important that you follow the directions in the PDF document carefully. If you miss an instruction or decide not to follow an instruction, it is highly likely that you will have to start the assignment all over again! Please ignore any ‘typo’ or inconsistency in figure numbers mentioned in the PDF document created by Dr. Curry’s TA.

Use ‘Austin Hall Lab Computers’: You must complete this assignment using the Austin Hall Lab computers. The Austin Hall computer labs have both Dynamics GP software installed and a database of the Fabrikam company information you will use for this assignment. Before you start the assignment you are encouraged to shut-down (log-off) the computer and then restart it. This will ensure that the database is correctly initialized. If you do not restart the computer, it is possible that another student, working prior to you on the same computer, may have left the database in a state other than that described in the assignment instructions.

Deliverable and receiving credit for this assignment
Towards the end of this assignment, you will save, print and submit hard copy of a one-page report. This one-page report will look similar (but not identical) to the report shown in the figure labeled “sn044” on page 37 of the 42-page PDF document. A PDF version and a text document version of a sample output of your final deliverable is posted on the ERP Assignment 3 folder on Canvas. This report will have your name and ONID ID on it and if you have followed the instructions correctly it will also list the transactional details of the exercise. It is sufficient if you submit this one page report. You must submit a hard copy of this one-page report to your instructor to receive credit for this assignment. No cover page is required. This is an individual assignment. It is NOT a group assignment. Each student has to submit a separate assignment. You must save an e-copy of this one page report deliverable until one week after finals week.

• As it is the end of the term, there is only one opportunity to do this assignment correctly and submit it by the due date.
• You can submit the assignment early (e.g., Tuesday of Week 9 or Week 10) if you prefer.
• There will be a 20% penalty for each day this assignment is late.
• There are two ways to run this exercise: a useful way and a not-so-useful way. If you simply follow instructions and ‘push the buttons’ as instructed, you will make it through the exercise just fine, but you will have learned essentially nothing. A much better and far more useful way is to try to understand and realize what is happening in each of the steps. That takes longer – the whole exercise will take you about 45 minutes – but you will gain a MUCH better feeling for the nature of an ERP system and for the role it can play in business processes.

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