Disadvantages of the ethics of hydroelectric power.Discuss


Renewable energy sources are very important in keeping a balance on the exhausting energy sources globally. Accordingly, renewable energy resources are numerate and quantitative subject matters through their technical and economic aspects.
This report will consider the ethical aspect of the technologies linked with renewable energy sources including; wind power, hydroelectric power and the solar power. Also, the ethical benefits and disadvantage of each the three sources of energy will be discussed.

Wind Power

Wind power is an environmentally friendly power generation source. Most of the developed countries are using the wind power energy due to its accessibility. In addition, since the turbines can be fixed either inshore or offshore, this makes it unlimited by geographic positioning. In the year 2006, the global wind power capacity was estimated to be more than 70,000 megawatts. Germany is the biggest producer of wind energy, but this source of power is gaining fast response in other developing and developed countries such as France and China.
Advantages of the ethics of wind power

⦁ It is a clean energy and does not create any pollution.
⦁ Remote areas that are away from the power grid can access to power.
⦁ The bill is cheap.
⦁ Building and constructing wind turbines offers job opportunities to the unemployed.
⦁ Wind turbines are available in a range of sizes. Farmers’ finds wind farms an interesting feature of landscape.
⦁ More so, since turbines are tall and only occupy a small part of land, this means that agricultural land is not affected or altered.
Disadvantages of the ethics of wind power

⦁ It is expensive to buy wind turbine.
⦁ Installing and maintain them cost a lot of money for buyer.
⦁ The energy produced depends on the wind force and this may cause unreliability.
⦁ Many wind power producers are required to fully satisfy a small community
⦁ Wind turbines are noisy and this results to noise pollution.
⦁ Wind turbine can be dangerous to birds and a threat to world life.
Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectricity is one form of renewable energy that can produce huge amounts of energy from natural resources. The production of hydroelectric power is a mechanical process where water falling by the force of gravity, is used to turn turbines and generators that subsequently produce electricity.
Advantages of the ethics of hydroelectric power

⦁ According to . Hydropower contributes significantly to world’s energy supply and the hydroelectric plant produce approximately 3% of the total energy sources in the United Kingdom.
⦁ Wales’s trips shows that hydroelectric power is operating 24 hours. The huge Dinorwig Mountains are able to supply the entire United Kingdom in case of emergency power if it is required.
⦁ The production is consistent hence it is a reliable power source.
⦁ Other economic activities such as fish farming and sports tourism can be practiced in the dams.
⦁ Lastly, this means of power generation does not cause any population to the environment.

Disadvantages of the ethics of hydroelectric power

⦁ The building of dams for hydroelectric power is costing a lot of effort and money. If it is not build accordingly.
⦁ The water reservoirs can be dangerous for the local especially during flooding seasons. IAE observes that this means depends on natural rainfall hence it is hard to control the water quantity.
⦁ In addition, this method affects the ecosystem as well as effecting the natural ecology of a zone.
⦁ Construction of large dams has serious environmental implications. Similarly, construction of large dams alters the natural water table level that consequently results to serious geological damages.

Solar Power

The light from the sun is capable of giving us 1kW/m2 for direct sunlight. The total energy hitting the earth is approximately 20,000 times the total energy used by the all humanity. Solar panel electric systems are used to capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells converts the sun rays into electricity thus its classification as a source for renewable energy.

Advantages of the ethics on solar power

⦁ Solar power energy is known as renewable energy and it is considered as a clean energy source. According to Wall (2014), solar energy is unending (dependant on sunlight) unlike the oil reserves.
⦁ It is a clean energy with no pollution.
⦁ The solar panel is staying for long term, it is estimated that the average household will see 50% of their energy coming in from solar panels.
⦁ Africa and Middle East are luckier to use solar power because the sun is present during the whole year and solar power can be the best source of energy suppliers.
⦁ Being an alternative to the other sources of energy it can be used for back up. More so it provides energy security and independence.
⦁ It is very cheap and is an effective means of cutting electricity bills.

Disadvantages of the ethics on solar power

⦁ Solar system depends totally to sunlight. Sun appear more in equator than Europe. It is limited in the UK and the Northern Europe. Alex Wall (2014), mentioned that “Solar panels can be expensive to install resulting in a time-lag of many years for savings on energy bills to match initial investments”.
⦁ Ronney (2008) mentioned that solar cells are expensive to manufacture. Solar power is used to charge batteries so that solar powered devices can be used at the night.
⦁ Moreover, the sun only shine 24 hours a day hence it is not a dependable energy source at night.

To conclude this report discussed the three key sources of renewable energy sources. These three types of power are beneficial and all are needed depending on the specificity of the area of their application. Some areas are more suitable to have hydroelectric power for example if there is a continuous water flow stored in a dam. On the other, wind power is more applicable in mountainous regions where winds blows at high intensity. The ethical aspect of technologies can be a disadvantage as explained in the discussion. From the research carried out and the trips experience comparing the three sources of energy such solar, wind and hydroelectric power have led to finalise the best source of renewable energy. In my opinion the most efficient source of energy with less storage are the most suitable energy sources of suppliers’ energy for Wales are the wind and hydroelectric power.

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