Discuss about various aspects of food, political implications, and even global implications.

Food Documentary Response
As interest in food and politics has grown, so have the number of documentaries produced about various aspects of food, political implications, and even global implications. Choose a documentary from the attached list below and then complete the following.
Watch the movie.
Type up a 300 + word response to the movie. Your response should be first person. Tell me what you liked, disliked, were surprised by, etc. Use lots of details and make as many specific references to the movie as possible to earn full points. End with a paragraph arguing whether or not you would recommend this to others – don’t forget to support your position (as any good argument will).

Documentaries to choose from:  see the attached file for a list of films.
If you come across a food documentary not on the list, check with me about using it for this assignment.  I’m always on the lookout to add new films to the list.
Two movies that are off-limits for this assignment:
Fast Food Nation – not that good and not really a documentary
Super Size Me – more infotainment than documentary, and most people have seen it

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