discuss an environmental issue or policy controversy from an economic perspective.

Project description
Using the tools developed in class, discuss an environmental issue or policy controversy from an economic perspective. You may wish to include diagrams, properly cited images and reference data sources to support your argument. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Format: blog post, policy brief or op-ed article.
Length: 1000 words and max 4 pages.
Examples: Resources for the Future Blogs and Policy briefs, Energy Institute at Haas Blog, World Bank Blogs.

1. Start thinking about potential topics early.
2. Find a specific proposal or policy that you can critique.
E.g. should:
Pittsburgh ban plastic shopping bags like Seattle?
Pennsylvania have the same subsidies for installation of solar panels as California?
the government remove emission standards on vehicles if there is a price on carbon?
government legislate all buildings be six star energy rated?
3. Be persuasive, dont make unsubstantiated claims, use data to back up your arguments
4. Run your idea past friends, and come and logic test your argument with me in office hours.
Added on 14.11.2016 21:51
Here are some examples! Please read and write the in the similar way. Thank you very much!
Instruction files

sweeney_kahn_lat.pdf(228,14 KiB)
borenstein_bloomberg.pdf(206,87 KiB)
levinson_forbes.pdf(375,06 KiB)
greenstone_nyt.pdf(168,50 KiB)

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