Discuss Dissertation proposal, Tourism

Project description
to this topic I would like to research of what techniques/tools used by marketers to attract the visitors to eco tourism destination in Fjord Norwegian. ( National Park) I am not sure how to present the aims and objectives for this proposal but this is my brief example, I would like to provide 3-4 aims.
1 brief introduction of eco tourism in tourism industry
2) review and analyse the nature eco tourism in fjords Norway ( so what they provide, how they protect the nature,great value, what type of product use,what type of people going there.
3) research the tools/techniques that marketers use to attract visitors to the eco tourism destination in fjords ( development strategy, include a model of communication strategic maybe the push and pull model.
* to use the data collection will be great to use primary data if not secondary data will be still ok.
Assessment task ;
1.Research proposal:
The proposal requires you to identify your research question/aims and research objectives. You are also required to demonstrate initial engagement with the relevant existing literature and introduce your proposed methodology and plan of work.
Your research aims/question should be well focused and well-scoped
The literature review is not a list of article summaries but should be structured under themes and headings. It serves a number of purposes, including:
To chart what is already known about the topic: signalling that you have positioned your work in a broad body of literature and are aware of the main works and ideas of relevance to your research
To define the research problem that underpins your research question
To illustrate some of the different theoretical and methodological approaches to your topic
to help you develop a framework for your analysis
To provide ideas about the different variables
to help you interpret your findings
The methodology should be outlined and justified.
The plan of work should be presented as a Gantt Chart or Spreadsheet with accompanying notes if necessary.

Layout of the proposal plan

2.Name of collaborating establishments if any: (Written proof of collaboration req\’d)

3.The programme of research
3.1.Title of the proposed dissertation:
3.2Research question
3.2.Research aim(s) (Objectives of the study)

4.Initial literature review (500 words max)
References: (APA layout)

5.Proposed plan of work: (Identification of specific tasks, timeline & deliverables)
For example:
(i)Appraisal of the terminology used in the IS strategy literature, e.g. (Robson, 1998), (Ward et al., 2002) and its applicability to IS strategy planning. October 2012 to January 2013, resulting in background notes for later use, etc.
Alternatively you can provide this information in table form / spreadsheet / as a Gantt chart

6.Outline Methodology: (Research methods to be used, including justification – 250 words max)
References: (APA layout)
Instruction files

bu6001_proposal_form_2016-17.docx(13,28 KiB)

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