What is reflective writing? (2)How does this differ from reporting quantitative data findings?(3) Why? Please have some examples.

Stories and Linguistics
All participants relate their lived experiences as stories from recollection of the lived experience. What is the function of stories, ? What is the purpose of paying attention to these stories and how they are told? How might one use linguistic characteristics to analyze these stories?

(1)How would you change the way you analyze your data, Terence? Please have some examples
(1)What is reflective writing? (2)How does this differ from reporting quantitative data findings?(3) Why? Please have some examples

Paper must be 100% plagiarism free, write with your own words.
This paper must have a strong introduction with a conclusion. Must be 100% plagiarism free (must be written in your own words). I will upload the Plagiarism report to you, must be at 0%.
Support your discussion with (8) scholarly references ONLY
Please use (6) references from (2015-2016) in the paper and on the reference page.
Please stay on the topic
Please make sure that you cover all steps 1-4, (below) in the paper.
(1)In depth discussion of findings presented. Strong evidence of reflective is noted throughout. Findings are insightful and clearly align with data analysis.
(2) Provides two or more suggestions for additional research that are directly related to findings from the data analysis.
(3) Essay is free of grammatical, spelling, and/or typographical errors. Essay is clear and concise and presents a logical flow of ideas. Essay stays on topic, without jumping from one idea to the next. Essay demonstrates scholarly tone.
(4) Writer effectively and thoroughly integrates ideas from multiple peer-reviewed courses. Paraphrases sources and minimizes direct quoting. Accurately represents source material.

Please stay on the topic
All references must be on the topic

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