Discuss in detail the architecture of our intelligent multi camera video system.

This chapter will discuss in detail the architecture of our intelligent multi camera video system. The architecture design will give a view of the overall system. The whole system contains four subsystems: Object detection, tracking, analysis, and decision making subsystem. I would like you to explain each subsystem one by one i will have a power point to show all of the subsystems and the architect set up for each. For each subsystem I would like for you to show it then explain the process flow for that system. I will include CH 1 & 2 for reference, this paper will be Ch 3, i will have a template to follow called (Senior Project Template PDF), this is how I would like the paper to be set up as. I have included a sort of rough draft that could be used as an reference or out line for the Chapter but you will have to describe the subsystem using the requirements in CH 2 and make it your own. This is why I would like to have a figure of the system for the power point, then describe it.

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