Write a report about the Six Sigma Quality and Reliability for Adidas company.

This is a group capstone project for a supply chain management class. I have a small part that assigned to me which is related to Six Sigma Quality and Reliability. I have to make a presentation and write a report about the Six Sigma Quality and Reliability for Adidas company.

You can do some research in their main website http://www.adidas-group.com/en/sustainability/supply-chain/supply-chain-structure/
and other resources as you need. I am also going to upload the power point that is related to Six Sigma we covered in class that you may want to implement some of the formulas and concepts for Adidas while you are searching for the data.

The instructor is looking for a presentation that has graphs and numbers and related to the power point that I am going to upload.

I am looking for some professional work with zero chance of plagiarism.
You can work cite the sources that you are going to use

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