Discuss Poverty and Crime

Project description
Topic: Poverty and Crime
a) Research question or hypothesis
State either a research question; or a null hypothesis and related alternative hypothesis.
How do you expect the result to come out? Why?
b) describe your research design and sample
c) what is your independent variable?
What is your dependent variable?
Your unit of analysis is going to be either group (aggregate) data or data at the individual level.
d) data analysis: what SPSS procedure will you use to analyze the data? Why?
e) what is the degree of difficulty in conducting the study (e.g. how difficult was it to find data that was related to the research question and could you perform data analysis with)?
f) what is the potential significance of the proposed analysis to knowledge, theory, the field of criminology, and society?
g) what are the strengths and limitations related to your ability to complete this study?

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