Discuss strengths and weakness of the U.S. economy this past year?

Extra Credit Assignment
Eco 285 Spring 2016 Dr. W. Campione
Using the economic indicators we have studied throughout the semester relating to Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply:
Discuss strengths and weakness of the U.S. economy this past year?
This will require you to go to all those websites listed in each section of chapter 3 to obtain the most up-to-date economic indicator information.

By do this assignment you agree to the following:
This is an independent project; you decide how you wish to approach this assignment.
The professor will not read any outlines, drafts, etc. The first time she will read is after the due date.
The due date is Friday April 22, due at the beginning of class, not a minute later.
There is no rubric. The professor will read through each paper, but will not make comments.
The professor will, after reading, assign a grade based upon overall content and clarity of arguments.
Students can earn up to 10 extra points (10% additional).
Students agree there will be NO questioning of the grade; no asking for additional points.
The grade assigned for this EXTRA CREDIT is NEVER negotiable.
I, , agree to the above terms. Date:

In signing this agreement, you agree to the above terms.

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