Discuss the difference between Italian and French cultures?

its all questions need a short answers. it in chapter 5,6,7 loosening the grip eleven edition
1- the difference between Italian and French cultures?what behaviors put people at risk for substance abuse issues and what behaviors protract people for substance abuse issues?
2- design an adolescent substance abuse program for kids of alcoholic parents and what put them at risk?
3- if alcoholic person start having issues of vomiting, stomach cramps and have not bowel movement for a week what dos this potential issue that they have? how we can help him?
4- describe two theories of acute pancreatic? what make them different? what is the definition and symptoms of pancreatic?
5- what is a Fatty Liver? what is the risk for having a fatty liver? what is the treatment and is it fatal?
6- what dose mean a Portal Hypertension? how get this condition? are they get better or will die from having it?
7- what happening to the alcoholic when they decide and start to stop drinking?
8- what dose mean (blackout drunk) and its normal or not to have it?
9- if person drinking because he cant sleep and wake up and don’t feel rested, what going on with this person?
10- describe 4 defense mechanisms associated with alcohol and drug use?
11- what dose mean (hit rock bottom). why told this to the people when they start treatment? do we still wait for people to hit the rock before we offer treatment? what they done today for treatment is different?
12- what dose mean (drift of behavior) and why important to substance abuse treatment with daises we call alcoholism?

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