Discuss the effects on ALL major parties, e.g., businesses, financial institutions and consumers.

Written Report Instructions (50 Pts)

Report Structure:
Style All members of the team use the same style – APA or MLA style.
Length Minimum of fifteen (15) pages, excluding the end notes, charts, tables or bibliography.
Format 12-point, Times New Roman, 1″ margins and double spacing. Anything indented in the body should be single-spaced.

Introduction & Body of Report. I am your audience. Assume I already know what we covered in class and in the text and any history so do NOT repeat that information. The introduction itself should be 1 page maximum.

Appendix. Place lists, provisions of a law or bill, tables, long quotations, lists of recommendations, etc. in the appendix, not the body of the report.

Bibliography. The bibliography (or endnotes) includes at least fifteen (15) citations.

Grade is Based On:
Primary Issues Addressed
Primary Solutions or Recommendations Included
Knowledge of the Subject Matter Demonstrated
– Current, quality references and sources used.

– Discusses the effects on ALL major parties, e.g., businesses, financial institutions and consumers.
– Evaluates or critiques the issues and problems.
– Recommends solutions or positions based on the information gathered and justifies the recommendation.

– Follows the APA or MLA Style and uses headings and sections so the material is organized for the reader.
– Includes accurate grammar and spelling.


A presentation is different than a report in that you use some type of visual means in order to present your position(s). Creative presentations are preferred.

The purpose of the presentation is to EXTEND our knowledge, not duplicate material already covered in class; assume we already know what was covered in class.

Your argument should be logical and supported by FACTS obtained from current and quality references, sources and data. The facts must be SHOWN to the class, NOT just read.

Use good objective sources. Academic sources are usually the most objective followed by government sources and then industry sources. Use the Library’s research program, Database & Article Searching, as it will link with electronic databases or go directly to the electronic databases of ABI/INFORM, Lexis/Nexis and Business Source Premier,

Use quality newspapers or news websites such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and CNN.

Position is on a primary issue or involves a primary topic
Position is well-supported with documentation provided
Documentation is relevant, current, and prepared so we can understand it.
Position is well-articulated so that we know where you stand
Knowledge of the subject is demonstrated in the presentation and answers to questions
Material is well organized and prepared as a presentation, not a paper.
Material presented well with no overlap with any other presenter.

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