In 1500-2000 words, you will make a claim about the murder of Hae Min Lee.

Resources: Serial episode 1-12.
Episode 1-12 transcript:

Who dunnit?
In this largest project of the semester, we are building on the intellectual tasks we have practiced all semester long. For this assignment, you will employ rhetorical techniques such as summary, analysis, and a persuasive claim supported by evidence.

In 1500-2000 words, you will make a claim about the murder of Hae Min Lee. In order to make a persuasive argument, you need to present credible evidence. Your evidence can be in the form of quotations from the Serial podcast, and from the supporting documents on the Serial podcast website, and based on additional independent research you do. Present your evidence in a thoughtfully organized manner with sufficient analysis and explanation. All sources must be cited in APA or MLA style.
Learning Outcomes
This assignment will lead you to meet the following Rhetoric 110N learning outcomes:
1) Critical Reading: Students will be able to analyze arguments in assigned texts, in their own and peers texts, and in texts found in independent research. Texts may be print and/or digital. You will listen to and read the podcast Serial and the supporting documents, as well as texts you find via
library research.
2) Formulating Thesis/Primary Claim: In response to important civic and academic questions raised in course readings and research, students will be able to write a specific, contestable claim to serve as focus of an argumentative essay. You will develop a specific, debatable claim about the Hae Min Lee/Adnan Syed case, which will serve as the anchor for your argument.
3) Arrangement/Structure: Students will be able to organize papers on the whole-text and the paragraph level in order to meet the specific needs of different rhetorical situations. You will organize your evidence and analysis according to the rhetorical strategies we have been studying all semester.
4) Development: Students will be able to support their claims with sufficient, relevant, and credible evidence derived from reading and research (primary and secondary) and to acknowledge and address counter-arguments. Much of the evidence you will use to support your claim will come from the Serial
website (documents and oral podcasts), but you will need to conduct additional

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