Discuss the rationale for choosing the priority health care issue and describe its importance to nursing.

Health Care Priority Issue
For our final project, we will examine how priority health care issues should be examined by nursing. We will select a key health care priority issue and a population. You will find articles that describe nursing interventions designed to improve patient outcomes for your population and health care priority issue. Finally, you will discuss why Quality Improvement is important for patients and then you will describe how nursing values can be used to help improve patient care. Write a 5-6 page APA style paper (excluding title page and reference page). No more than six pages of content will be accepted. A minimum of five scholarly references will be required.
Access the Priority Areas for National Action: Transforming Health Quality and read Chapter 3: Priority Areas for Quality Improvement, pages 41-45.
Select ONE priority area (priority healthcare issue) and identify a population you would like to explore. Conduct research to locate information to write about the following:
Specifically, the paper should include the following components:

Introductory paragraph with clearly worded purpose statement.

Health Care Priority Issue – (heading)
Identifies a health care priority issue. Describes the health care priority issue, the population it involves, and significance of the health care issue by using three specific facts and details.

Rationale and Importance to Nursing – (heading)
Discuss the rationale for choosing the priority health care issue and describe its importance to nursing.

Nursing Interventions and Outcomes- (heading)
Locate and clearly identify two nursing articles that will be used. The two nursing articles should describe nursing action(s) or intervention(s) designed to improve care that is measured in patient outcomes. From these two nursing articles, select a total of three (no more or less than three) key nursing interventions that improved patient outcomes and discusses each three interventions and three patient outcomes.

Quality Improvement Initiative -(heading)
Using the interventions from the articles/studies, describe how you would recommend a Quality Initiative (QI) to improve patient care within a healthcare facility (hospital) and explain why this QI would be important to implement for patients.

Nursing, Quality, and Outcomes – (heading)
Discuss why it is important for nursing to be involved in quality initiatives and explain how two professional nursing values can help to improve patient care.

Conclusion – (heading)
Summarize key points in paper.

Please use http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=10593&page=46 information about nosocomial infections for one of the cites since that is where I had to select my topic from.

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