Discuss the Texas History

Instructions will be uploaded
A.K.A Dr. Prewitts 21 steps toward a good essay.
Read and understand each and every requirement listed below before
beginning the
Each student is to submit a formal essay that is four to five (4-5) pages in length. All
rules of formal writing apply to this assignment including those listed below.
The essay
should use only Garcias book as a source for questions 1, 2, and 3. Garcias
book AND Gone to Texas are required for question 4. NO OTHER SOURCES ARE
one (1)
of the questions below.
1.Based on information in Garcias book, why did so many Mexican Americans in
Texas support the candidacy of John Kennedy?
2.Based on information in Garcias book
, how do the problems establishing
PASO reflect the larger political and cultural history of Mexican Americans in the
3. Based on information in Garcias book
, were the conflicts concerning the
establishment of PASO inevitable or could they have been solved?
4. Based on information in Garcias book AND
Gone to Texas
, do
Viva Kennedy
Gone to Texas
portray political movements in the Mexican American
community in Texas between 1950 and 1970 in essentially the same way or in
essentially different ways?
Write an essay that clearly answers the question through careful analysis of evidence
from the book.
Students may submit preliminary
drafts or partial drafts for comment at any time
BEFORE the final draft is due.

These parts are REQUIRED
. Any essay that does not include these required parts
receive a very low grade, perhaps as low as 0 (zero, cero, nihilo,

1) Introduction with thesis. In this section the author should clearly and briefly state the
purpose of the essay and present the thesis (argument). This is not to be a mystery
novel, do not leave the reader in the dark and then surprise them at the end. A page or
so should be more than enough
enough for this section.

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