Discuss the theme of the film and explain how the scenes, dialogues, characters, development is related to it. (

Watch the french/quebec film “The Barbarian Invasions ” (2003, by Denys Arcand ). The film can be found on netflix, and amazon.

1. write a film report/review on it, with brief summary of the story. Discuss the theme of the film and explain how the scenes, dialoges, characters, development is related to it. (300 words)

2. This film showed two generations: first, that of the baby boomers, the ideologist and the role they have played at major social and cultural changes during the years 1960-1970 in Quebec. On the other hand, that of the heirs of this generation, one trying to move, somehow, in this reality which have created their parents. In reference to what you know of the history of the twentieth century of Quebecoise, respond to the following question: how and what did the film show the tensions between these two generations? what kind of effects do you think it propose on the Quebecoise society today? (600-800 words)

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