Dissertation, Law

1.According to the proposal to set up the dissertation topic
2. Based on the completed proposal and tutor\’s comments to explore the discussion
3. Try to explore and discuss the main contents about the corporate rescue and liquidation of the book write by Rebecca Parry who is the course leader and tutor in my school. Thus please refer more to her books opinions.
4.Another very important things of the Law dissertation is the Reference must use the OSCOLA reference style. The tutor mentioned it every time in the tutorial and also gave me comments in my proposal. The writer can find the useful guide link of the OSCOLA reference style the tutor provided in the comments.
5.The tutor will be back on 25Sep 2016 to review any drafts so please try the best to write as much as you can and upload the part of the draft in the system on 25 Sep 2016. At least the dissertation introduction or discuss one to two part based on the proposal contents.
6. I have upload some relevant resources that the writer can read and use.
7. REMEMBER TO UPLOAD THE PART OF THE DISSERTATION DRAFTS IN THE SYSTEM ON 25SEP 2016. Because my tutor replys very very slow and always away from the office for long time that i hope i can provide the draft contents as much as i can for him to get back the comments asap without any delay of the dissertation progress.

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