Dissertation, Statistics

Module Title: Dissertation about \”Management, IT and Technology.\”

Words Request: 12000

Deadline: Final deadline is 01/ 24, 2017

The information and details required for the dissertation have already been attached to this email, please have a look first, especially the MSIN9001 COURSE INFORMATION because all the details about requirements and timeline are inside. Also, there are some samples of the previous dissertation which may attach to subsequent email due to the uploading limitation, and please check them as well.

Actually, the topic orientation has not been settled, I have been required to meet my supervisor in recent days to confirm the explicit topic for my dissertation, but you can start to do some research which embraces my dissertation proposal.

hi writer please clearly read the requirement of assignment and other file will be as a resource may help you to make a good work ,and make sure understand and answer every question and achieving all of learning outcome ,and most important ly is should be your own writing and do not copy any sentence and words from others because of a plagiarized checker in my school
Instruction files

dissertation_requirements_in_detail_.pdf(30,93 KiB)

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