Diversity in Antebellum American History

Diversity in Antebellum American History
Before your discussion post:This weeks discussion focus is Antebellum America, which is the nineteenth century leading up to the outbreak of the Civil War (roughly, 1815-1860). For this discussion we willbase the discussion on what youve learned from readingchapters 9, 10, and 11, and at least two primary sources from each.
Making your discussion post:Make your original post based on something significant you learned about antebellum America, bringing in one of the primary sources you read.
Additional information:Remember to follow the directionsin the syllabus and carefully look over the discussion rubric (link in the Important Course materials module or here: discussion rubric). You will need to make an original post (as a reply to this question), and also reply to two posts made by otherstudents. Use the rubric and the syllabus to guide how you compose your posts, and run your posts through spell check in a word processor to make sure that there are no errors. It is normally better to compose your post in a word processor and then paste it into the thread–that way you cant lose your work accidentally,.

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