Review Chapter 7 of the CPJ. You may also want to use materials from Chapter 8.
2.Write a 5-6 page paper in APA format on your choice of a topic in Ontology.
a.Form a single thesis statement that you would like to research from any of the topics on metaphysics (reality) that you find in this/these chapters. This is where you also want to begin with an introduction that defines the terms you will use.
b.Use the 4-step methodology of understanding, analysis, evaluation and application to develop your thesis.
c.Provide arguments both in support of and in opposition to your thesis. Use examples from the textbook and outside research with at least three different philosophers/scholars.
d.Give your response to these arguments from others. Are they valid? Where do they lack validity?
e.Provide a summary of your findings in the conclusion. Did your beginning thesis statement on metaphysics/ontology hold true?

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