Do you think the media has any effect on individual behaviors?Explain

Media Effects


The Media could be influential in one way or another. It can affect the way things are viewed and commented by the viewers or the society. Jennifer, a film director in the Miss Representation, asserts the lack of power by the American Women to be associated with the failures of the media to expose women correctly. On the other hand, David in his media effects model article argues that there is no influence of the media on people’s behaviors, feelings or thoughts. Both David and Jennifer differ in their views concerning the media effects. I would contact an interview to question the two individuals and understand their different opinions.

Interviewer: Do you think the media has any effect on individual behaviors?

Jennifer: Yes, the media is responsible for the ways in which most women could successfully present themselves for their opinions to be heard all over the world. The projection of people’s image during any presentation could attract the attention of the society to want to listen to every word the presenter has to say. It is, therefore, clear that the media could change people’s perception of the individuals in the screen.

David: No, the media cannot influence the behaviors of individuals. Researchers have taken the wrong approach to the society, the audiences and to the mass media. Social problems are getting handled in the wrong direction. The problem has been “taken backward”. It is expected that the media does their duties of informing the society on a daily basis but not influencing their general behaviors. Therefore, media does not have any effect on the individual behaviors.

Interviewer: What comments do you have concerning the media presenters’ characters in social media?

Jenifer: Social media has built the careers of most of the media presenters. The way the character of any presenter is portrayed on social media channels would determine the concentration the society could award to such presenter. It is evident that the characters of every presenter are shaped over the social media challenges and encouragements. However, every presenter ought to present himself or herself professionally over the social media channels. The effect that could result in the characters of such individuals is determined by their willingness to adopt the new challenges brought by the new technology.

David: Every presenter is responsible for shaping their characters. The social media cannot determine the extent to which a presenter could mold their character. Artificial studies could be used to deceive a presenter towards thinking their social characters could be restructured over the social media channels. Every character is inbuilt and ought to be examined as it is. False researchers alter the characters of individuals by deceiving them on the effects of their attitudes.

Interviewer: What do you have to say about the claims of each one of you?

Jenifer: My colleague, Gauntlett is not considerate on the media effects that relate to women. He has termed everything as artificial and ‘backward’ way of handling issues. He has even gone ahead to suggest removal of the from the society as a positive step. I would like to challenge the views by asserting the fact that as women, we are bound to progress and grow our confidence through the media. The social media persons could help motivate the women in advancing in their all-round careers.

David: I would like to begin by stressing on the fact that media researchers are full of artificial studies and tend to handle the social problems in a backward manner. I have keenly listened and observed the claims in Newsom’s film. It is real women need to be recognized, but not over artificial and deceiving means. As much as we need change, we should try to analyze critically the effects that could come with such transitions.











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