DSS application in the US military

Please read the following two related papers on a DSS application in the US military and answer the following 5 questions in an essay. Please find out the latest work in this area and include it in your discussion; of course, you must provide the appropriate citations.1. Discuss why was this DSS needed? And in your opinion, what are the factors contribute to the success of the DSS?2. Discuss both the financial and non-financial benefits that resulted from this DSS.3. In your opinion what is the model based foundation of this DSS? Why? Discuss the role of forecasting in this DSS?4. Discuss the role of sensitivity analysis may play in this DSS.5. Discuss how the system might evolve to handle additional related decision-making situations (including military housing and non-housing related decisions).Please view the attached 2 files on the articles below:HADTS: A Decision Technology System to Support Army Housing Management, by Guisseppi A. Forgionne, European Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 97, 1997, pp. 363 – 379.Delivering Complex Decision Rules to Top Level Managers through DSS: A Case Study in Army Housing Management, by Guisseppi A. Forgionne, Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 25, No. 6, 1998, pp. 419 – 429.

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