Principles of health care quality improvement

Assessment title: Individual Summative AssessmentAlignment with learning outcome(s): All learning outcomesDetails of task:Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge you have gained through the course to solve a problem in your health service.Details of assessment: You are in a senior role in a health service. Following notification from the Department of Health that you are an ‘outlier’ in terms of your in-patient mortality rate, you have been asked to investigate and provide recommendations to the ChiefExecutive Officer (in a report), detailing how you can provide confidence that the hospital is delivering high quality care.Preparation for the assignment (unmarked, not submitted)In preparing for this assignment you should read through the Modules and consider the planning you will need to do to satisfy all stakeholders.The written assignment (1500 words; this will be submitted and marked)Word limit: 1500 wordsValue: 40% of total markPresentation requirements: A report is requiredCriteria for marking:1- Text / The text is clear, accurate and supported by excellent textual support2- Depth of assessment / The report provides insightful comments and demonstrates knowledge of principles of qualityimprovement3- Sources/ Evidence is used from a wide range of sources, including lectures and course readings. When required,author also consults scholarly books, websites, journal articles,etc. not explicitly discussed in class.4- Organisation The report has a clear format which includes an introduction, main body and a conclusion. The paper flows well and the conclusion brings everything together nicely and discusses clearly what the CEO is required to do5- Clarity and style All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. No words are misused. Technical terms are explained. All information is accurate and up-to-date. Thereport contains no errors.6- Citations All evidence is properly cited using Vancouver not any other referencing style

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