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The Neighborhood Establishment Accessibility Report will include a summarization of findings and photographic evidence for all areas not meeting ADA minimal standards.
Added on 15.09.2016 17:16
Dunkin donuts ,which located betweenstreets. Based on pic. 1 we can see that parking areas are very packed and in front of dunkin donuts is not accessible parking spot for handicap near accessible entrance.It is a big issue for the person on the wheelchair.
on the 2 picture it\”s a big issue for people with disability do not have a push button or automatic door.The destination has only one door and it\”s hardly possible to access entrance for disable people.Also the entrance doesn\”t have a doorbell or power assistance to help to open this door.
Also at the entrance is a mat, which shows not secure edges.Also this mat is move around and it\”s not stable which could increase tripping hazard especially for disable people who is on the walker or wheelchair, they can stuck from this edges.
the other picture shows that the space of this cafe is very small and not width enough, ADA checklist says that all aisles and pathways to materials and services should be at least 36 inches wide.After when we measure the space between the accessible route is 34 inches width.On the picture shows that it\”s hard to get to the counter and take a necessary things. Another picture shows that ATM take a space ,also another pictures shows that people stay on the line and it\”s not width enough to pass person on the wheelchair.34 inches width,very tiny space and less accessibility for wheelchair.Also dunkin donuts have an exit sigh ,however it doesn\”t have any flashing lights and audible signals.Also no public restrooms available,which could have a big issue for people with disabilities,older adults,pregnant women.All businesses should think to have all accessibilities for all population and be aware of discrimination. no matter if person have physical disabilities,all of us have the same necessities.

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