Is society justifying sex crimes? Writer of this story is responding to society views on sex crime victims, and shining light on cases such as Brock Turner and Nate Parker. This opinion piece joins the social, cultural, political, and even legal argument with the impact it has on women and young girls. The writer is trying make it know that it is not about race or privilege but decency and gender. Her interpretation of this phenomenon, men preying on vulnerable women, is calling readers to be more aware of the corruption in the legal system. The writer is a women who is trying to make the voice of thousands women who can\’t speak or have had their chances suppressed by a man or the court system. The Writers opinion are solely hers through out the piece, she is a professional journalist working for ESPN. The Writers background influences the angle of the vision, she is a woman and African American. This argument ultimately has been going on since women began fighting for their rights,and men have made excuses made for themselves time after time. There is so much evidence the writer could have used in her opinion page, but she chose to highlight three males, Brock Turner, Nate Parker, and Daniel Holtzclaw, all with different backgrounds, education, ethnicity, age and even class. What the writer used to support that society is justifying men who rape by reporting that a man can be come free after serving three months after raping a unconscious woman, that men can hide behind their badges and victimize and sexually abuse women, and of the women who cant seem to put their lives back together and decided to end it all. All the evidence that the writer uses to supports her story meets the STAR criteria, she shows enough evidence by giving statistics that are representative of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest Nation Network which is relevant to the claim. I was impressed by the writer she just did not focus on one case, one ethnicity, one class to create her story but she found three men who all share the same story that they have all committed a sex crime. In the article the writer impressed me is that she wants to act on protecting sex crime victims starting with the legal system. I was disturbed in the reading to find that people in the black community were defending Nate Parker, because he was black, even though he committed a sex crime. The people in this community were trying to justify him since he became a family man. I want to focus on the points of the lack of justice suffered by so many , the courts dropping charges of the accused rapist, and how the views of society are slut-shaming or the victim blaming.. Roxanne Jones points out in her article that women need to be better educated because men of any race, age, and size can commit a sex crime and our job as society is to look down at the assailant not the victim..

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