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A) REFLECT Evaluate your personal and professional development based on the listed six(6) tenets of professionalism via self-reflection and self-assessment.

1. Altruism: make an unselfish commitment to serve the best interests of the patient above your own

2. Honesty and Integrity: display honesty and integrity in all that you do

3. Respect for others: treat others as you would want to be treated

4. Professional presence: Instill trust through professional presence

5. Professional stewardship: actively participate and engage in school, organizations, and other worthwhile endeavors in the profession of pharmacy

6. Dedication and commitment to excellence: strive for excellence and assume responsibility for your learning and professional development

B) REFLECT Since last yearIdentify two (2) tenets listed above that need to be improve the most as you develop professionally.

C) PLAN/ACT Describe your plan over the next 3 months to enhance your development with the identified tenets from the previous question. be specific and include timeline.

D) EVALUATE How would you evaluate that the actions taken will improve your professional attitudes/behavior?

E) Do you have a mentor? Why or Why not?
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