Effective classroom management strategies for students with Emotional Disturbances

THIS IS A RESEARCH PROPOSAL (NOT A PAPER)There should be four distinct parts of the paper.a. The first part, the introduction, should spell out clearly for the reader what the paper is about and what you will do. In this part you should indicate the question you are exploring, the importance of the topic, what the parts of the paper will be, and a summary of your hypothesis or findings. This then will serve as the organization for your paper and you should structure the paper accordingly.b. The second part of your paper is the literature review in which you review the major works on your topic and indicate what the arguments are. You will want to write this part so that your paper will add to the literature; that is, to be different and original in some way.c. The third part (broadly speaking) is the body, or research you want to conduct.d. And the fourth part is the conclusion, summarizing what you expect to find and what your answer is to the question you have posed. For organizational purposes, in the body of the paper I like to use sections to divide the paper.4. You have three options for notes to the paper:a. notes in the text,b. notes at the bottom of the page, andc. notes at the end of the paper.Failure to render notes in correct format will lower the paper grade by one-half grade. If you have questions as to correct note format, use APA format (APA website is in the Webliography).5. The paper is to have a title page, indicating the title of the paper, the course, and your name. You are required to attach your original proposal to the final paper.6. The paper is to have a bibliography, rendered in correct format. Failure to either include a bibliography or, formatting the bibliographical entries incorrectly, will result in a penalty of one-half grade.7. The paper is to be typed, double-spaced using normal margins, spell-checked, and grammatically correct.

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