Employ discrimination when collecting and organizing data so that it is reliable and relevant.Explain

Learning Outcomes (from the CRS):
3. Employ discrimination when collecting and organizing data so that it is reliable and relevant;
4. Synthesize information and concepts from multiple sources in support of a point of view;
5. Present information and ideas in a structured manner, orally and in writing, using appropriate support (such as visual aids, charts and graphs).
Organization & Methodology:
Select a topic related to business, and develop a clear main idea or point of view. Obtain approval for your topic and idea/PoV from your tutor before starting your detailed research. When your choice is approved, conduct research and prepare your outline. Use good-quality academic sources to support your ideas and observations, together with reliable non- academic sources as required. Write a business report of 1,800 to 2,200 words (excluding cover sheet, executive summary, references and appendices), with a minimum of 5 academic references in the GIHE/APA6 style.
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This should be written from the perspective of an employee working within an organization, whose task is to offer an analysis with recommendations of a question or issue that the organisation is currently facing. The business rationale for finding this solution needs to be explained along with a broad theoretical umbrella under which the scope of the research will take place. The process of data analysis is to be explained. Only a brief mention of methodology is required, since this is constrained by the PO.
Data Presentation and Analysis
The data to be presented should be introduced, presented, described, analysed and then, most critically, the findings from the process need to be clearly identified for use in the Conclusion and Recommendations section.
It is important that data needs to be consistently presented and from the same, or similar time frame (as far as possible). Sources need to be referenced appropriately and if data has been collated from a number of sources then all sources need to be stated as a part of the whole reference. If a table of figures for example has been reduced from its original source then please use the phrase Adapted from and then the original source.
When analysing quantitative data, it is essential that raw data is translated into data for your specific study.
When analysing qualitative data, it must be exposed to a minimum analysis of tabulation in order to identify similarities and/or differences, key themes and allow for comparison between cases. It is not sufficient to simply describe the differences as you see them; moreover it needs to be clearly visible to the reader by extracting it from the text.
For both quantitative and qualitative data analysed, it is critical to clearly state the key findings that this has allowed you as the researcher to extract. It is advised that these are clearly stated at the end of each section of your data presentation.
Conclusions and Recommendations
The conclusions that you have drawn from the analysis of the data collected should be discussed in relation to your business issue/question. It may also be discussed in relation to any previous academic research into your subject area, including any models that you may have introduced in the introduction to your IBR. It may also be corroborated by research that has been carried out in the sphere of business, for example by Consultancy or Business Analysis Organisations. This section is the key section where you demonstrate your analytical skills and critical thinking and should be based only on the findings and results from your study. From this position you then need to extrapolate the implications of the findings of your research and make credible, realistic recommendations for your business.

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