Briefing report

Formal Business Briefing Report

This is not a referenced document as the information in the contents is fictitious.

There is NO references list or in text referencing!

You may however need to do some background reading in order to make your information more realistic.


Choose ONE of the following topics; write a business briefing report based on the given template:

  • Product launch: any product, can be based on real or totally contrived

Staffing? Customer needs? Advertising? Launch event?

  • Merger: Can be from real companies. (For example: McDonalds merge with Baskin Robbins, what will happen?)

Staffing? Re-location? Marketing? Culture?

  • Brand name change: Name only! Can be from real companies. (For example: McDonalds change their name to Macdonalds…something like that)

Staffing? Marketing? Customers?

  • Change of management or government: any industry/workplace, but NOT a country.

Staffing? Re-location? Culture? Management styles?


The report should have:

  1. Name of fictitious company or business.
  2. Which topic and why?
  3. Ideas of the present situation.
  4. How will staff be affected?
  5. What is the cause and effect?
  6. What needs to be reported and why?
  7. Predictions and solutions?
  8. Must outline: action plan








TEMPLATE to help structure your report:



As it is intended for a company or business you may use appropriate fictitious decorative stationery like watermarks, company logos, letterheads etc.



Executive Summary:

Purpose Statement (broad statement)

Methodology – brief statement on type of research undertaken. Where & how research was conducted

Summary of Findings (main points)

Conclusion (concluding statement about findings)

[Less than 200 words]


Informative title:

Your own



Background information

Summary of main points

Purpose statement

[± 100 words]


Context and issues:

What are the issues?

How did the situation arise?

Who is involved?

Who will be affected?

Do you need to do some background research?

Present state:

What is happening now? Who is involved?

Current situation/state

Future directions

What will happen next?

Be honest and direct

Pros and cons

Analysis and critique


Detailed and informed

Readers’ needs important

Ethical and other considerations

Substantiate with evidence and facts

Plan of action/s

[± 800 words]


Conclusion and Recommendations

Sum up your findings

Final thoughts

Advice and suggestions

What advice have you given staff?

Are the recommendations clear and direct?

[± 100 words]



Any added material like graphics, charts, tables etc.




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