Engaging Stakeholders in Determining Solutions.

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Title: Engaging Stakeholders in Determining Solutions

In the attached paper, I considered solutions for your identified problem (communication within a performing arts theatre) using the tools from Mind Tools.

Briefly describe the tools you used and show your work.
Also, describe several potential approaches for addressing the problem.

True change will not occur unless those involved in both the problem and solution are included in the process. Search the Walden Library and the Internet to find two (2) outside articles on tools for engaging stakeholders (will attach) and collaborating to find solutions.

Be sure to include a summary of the articles and a description of how you would use the information to engage stakeholders in the process.

Outline a plan of the steps you would take to engage the stakeholders. As you begin the process, it is good to be very familiar with the problem so you can ensure it is addressed; however, you should also give others the chance to participate in determining solutions, so as not to risk the investment put forth by others. It is natural to have your own opinions or judgments as to the way you believe the problem should be solved, but allowing others to express their own thoughts may help you achieve buy-in, avoid alienating others, and learn by seeing the problem from different points of view. Think of all those whom you should involve as well as those who should send feedback.

Lastly, give thought to the type of questions and concerns they might raise.

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