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2 separate letters of recommendation for masters occupational therapy program at North university

1. from an Occupational therapist
Praise me and how i had such a passion to be an occupational therapist i wanted to be there all the time.
I did 64 hours of shadowing/observation with her at Debary Health and rehabilitation Center. Its an inpatient facility. We went to patients rooms to bring them for therapy. all patient were older its a geriatrics center. Then performed rehabilitation activities with patient. She showed me how she evaluated and assessed the patients.

2 letter: from my supervisor (she\’s an RN) as i did an internship for 3 months
praise me how i could balance going to school full time my last semester in college and also do an internship because i had such a passion to work in the health field. and how I said how much i dreamed of being an occupational therapist
I did an internship at Debary Manor as a student from University of Florida. spring 2016 semester i did 3 months 40 hours i would come weekly
helped my supervisor do her every day work checking patients vital signs check medications list, help organize, care/ socialize with patients. Helped in occupational therapy department with patients doing skills with them.

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