To receive ful credit you should:a. Write your essay at least 250 words in length. Submit your completed report sheet as an attachment (doc, docx or pdf).b. Reference your source correctly (guide (Links to an external site.)) using APA style. Use at least two sources other than your textbook.Lead acts as an enzyme inhibitor and can interfere with the development of the nervous system. One manufacturer of lead-acid batteries instituted a \”fetal protection policy\” that banned female employees of childbearing age from working in areas where they might be exposed to high levels of lead. Women were involuntarily transferred to lower-paying jobs in lower-risk areas. A group of employees challenged the policy, claiming that it deprived women of job opportunities available to men. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the policy illegal. Discuss:1. What rights and responsibilities of employers, employees, and government agencies are in conflict in this situation?2. Who should determine what makes a safe environment?

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