o artist INFLUENCE RESEARCH Paper overview:You will research and write an essay on a western artist that lived between 1300 and 2000. You will examine the life and work of the artist and discuss his/her impact and unique contribution to the art world that changed it forever. You can choose from the list of artists attached, one highlighted in the course text, or one you have learned about otherwise. Some artists are excluded. Your research may briefly touch on the life of the artist, but this is not a biography. Again, primary focus should be placed on supporting how the artist made an important contribution to the art world and change its course significantly.Requirements:• Between 3 and 5 pages. No less than 3 full pages.• Use proper MLA Citation and format.• Must use a minimum of two (2) book sources, excluding the course text.• Must use at least two (2) quotations.• Use of eTutoring and/or the Writing Center is not required, but is strongly recommended.Details:• Essay will address the essential questions: “Who was this artist? And what significant contribution did they make to the art world?”• Provide a thesis statement purporting your argument for the importance of the artist.• Provide evidence of the impact of this artist• Images or illustrations may be submitted, but NOT INCLUDED WITHIN your paper. Attach images after citation page. Images must be properly labeled to show the name of the artists, title of work, medium, size, and year created.• The purpose of this assignment is for you to:a. Utilize research, information literacy, and critical thinking skills in writing about art.b. Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the subject matter you acquired through your research.c. Demonstrate your ability to analyze and evaluate information, develop and support a convincing argument.• Important due date(s)a. Rough draft with thesis, and bibliography:b. Final paper:References & Resources:• PCCC Library |• PCCC library’s online catalog:• Art, Art History journals, articles, and other scholarly sources• Please refer to the PCCC Writing Center for writing support• Writing Center |• E-Tutoring | Research Paper Checklisto Does your thesis statement clearly state the specific topic and argument of the paper?o Does your essay provide analysis and explanation to support your statements about how this person impacted the history or development of art?o Does the essay discuss and detail the artist’s actions, thoughts, or words that impacted art and its development?o Did you include a relevant chronological or background of the artist’s life (as it relates to his/her impact on art)o Are the chronological events explained and analyzed with connections to how they impacted the person?o Did you include analysis on why this person is still remembered as an artist?o Did you use at least 2 quotations from their sources to support their statements?o Did you cite each quote and fact or borrowed idea with proper in-text notation?o Did you properly format your citation page?o Are the paragraphs written in a logical, easy-to-follow order?o Does the paper have a concluding paragraph that sums up your answer to the essential question?o Did you use and double-check proper grammar and spelling?o Is the paper written in formal language and format?o Is the par at least words?I downloaded research paper instructions and grading criterias to follow. Thanks

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