Essay, Computer sciences and Information technology

Your Future Career: Data, Information, Hardware and Software

Section I

Describe the data and information utilized in your future career. You may visit with anyone you know that is currently working in your future career. You can also search for credible websites and don\’t forget to take a look at electronic scholarly journal articles.

Briefly summarize your future career.
Summarize (describe) the data, aka \”facts\”, that are collected and input into a computer system.
Summarize (describe) the information, aka \”output (processed data).
Reminder: information is processed data (information is data that is endowed with relevance and importance, where data are the mere facts).

Section II

Summarize the type of hardware and software you will likely use (personally) in your future career.

For example:

Input devices?
Output devices?
What are you required to carry with you?
What are you required to have in your car?
What are you required to have at home?
Other technology?
Also include the names of common software applications used in your future career and their purpose.

Formatting (and other important directions):

A minimum of 250 words per section (titles, page numbers, your name, etc. do not count towards the minimum number of words)
Use MS Word
Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. and 1\” inch margins (top, bottom, left and right)
Use single spacing
Insert a page break between sections
Cite your credible resources using APA format

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