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Indonesia\’s Economy, Currency, and Tourism.
Between 2-3 pages. It doesn\’t have to be 3 pages, but at least 2.
Reliable sources.
– Some information to work on, more should be added:
A. In the Southeast Asia region, Indonesia has the largest economy, and is
an emerging market economy in the world.
B. Indonesia is ranked among the G-20 major world economies and is also
an industrialized market.
C. The investment climate in Indonesia has improved with the creation of
prudent monetary policy, other policy reforms, and increased public
investment in infrastructure.
A. The Indonesian currency is called the Indonesian Rupiah.
B. According to the Indonesian currency rankings, the greatest and most
popular Indonesian Rupiah exchange rates are from IDR to AUD rate.
A. The Indonesian economy highly depends on tourism. (2016) revealed that as at 2010, Indonesia had as
much as 17,504 islands.
B. Indonesia has many attractive beaches given its geographical positions in
parts of the equator. Some of its beaches are classified as the worlds
most beautiful beaches.
C. Indonesia is also characterized by beautiful countryside, and interesting
historical remnants and cultures.
D. Foreign tourists in Indonesia are mainly from Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia, and China.
E. The most visited tourist attraction site in 2015 was Jakarta Archipelago,
where the top three foreign visitors were from Singapore (about 1.2 million
visitors), China (966,988 visitors), and Malaysia (957,414 visitors).

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