Essay, English

—Janes childhood–In the beginning of the novel you have the chance to find out more about her childhood. This time influenced her personality as an adult, which leads to Feminine beauty—she is constantly struggling to fit in the beauty standards.

*** Describe how her childhood relates to her feminine beauty, relating to the different settings the book takes place in.

Aunt & Cousins Reed/ Gateshead — How she looks and how Jane describes herself in the RED ROOM..when she sees herself in the mirror**
–Lowood – Vanity and apperance
–Rochester/Thornfield- Comparison to Blanche Ingram; engagement and wedding prep, mirror scene & Bertha
–Rivers/Moorhouse–marriage of appearance and missionaries– Jane turns down; why?
–Thornfied- Rocehster image dramatically changed; Thornfield (fire) how does that relate to beauty again? Why is it important to Jane\’s story? Why is it necessary?

**How does Jane overcome the events of her childhood and end up with Rochester at the close of the novel?

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