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In early 2015, artist Rafael Albuquerque created variant cover art for the June issue of the comic series Batgirl (#41). The cover was inspired by one of the most famous Batman comics of all time: Batman: The Killing Joke released in 1988. Upon release, a firestorm of controversy flared up over the image, eventually leading publisher DC Comics to pull the cover before publication.
For this short response, argue whether or not you believe the cover image should or should not have been censored by DC Comics. Be sure to give specific reasons why. Feel free to read articles that describe the plot of The Killing Joke comic (a Joker origin story, parallels between the Joker and Batman, Barbara Gordons paralysis that leads her to becoming Oracle, etc.) to better understand the image. You should include one cited source from the Internet to support your argument (.coms are allowed for this assignment). You can do a simple Google search with of killing joke cover to find a list of articles about the controversy. Use a citation with your cited information, and include a works cited entry after your paragraph (you do not need to create a separate works cited page–just place the entry a couple lines below the paragraph). I have included a copy of the image below.

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