Essay, English

Overview: Students will practice the techniques of rhetorical analysis by examing two recipes: one from Michael Pollan\’s Cooked as well as one they find through their own research that describes the same type of \”transformation,\” as defined by Pollan.

Objectives: This assignment will fulfill the following objectives for ENG 107:

synthesize and analyze multiple points of view
adjust writing to multiple audiences, purposes, and conventions
become conscientious and responsible writers, both for college and beyond
learn to access and become involved with the discourses of the university community
develop questioning abilities that move them beyond the passive acceptance of new materials to thinkers who can hold those materials up to genuinely informed scrutiny

Specifics: As preparation for this project, we will be reading the four recipes that Michael Pollan includes in his book Cooked. These recipes correspond to the four types of \”transformation\” that are discussed in Cooked, both the book and documentary:

Each student will choose one of the four recipes to focus on and will then choose a recipe from the ASU Farmers\’ Market Pinterest page or Epicurious that fits into the same category of transformation. The student will then write an analytical essay that discusses the rhetorical properties of both recipes. The essay should specifically describe each recipe\’s purpose, audience (both intended and unintended) and context. It should also describe how each recipe uses (or fails to use) rhetorical strategies to appeal to its audience and accomplish its purpose.

The final essay should be 1200-1800 words (4-6 pages in MLA format) and include appropriate documentation for its sources.


Essays will published in Google Docs and formatted in MLA format. A link to the Google Doc should be included on the Project 2 page of the student\’s Digication portfolio. A link to the publication should be submitted to the Digication Assignments tab before the deadline. No extensions will be granted for this assignment.

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