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The Millers Tale is often seen as a parody on the courtly love shown in The Knights Tale. Explain what courtly love is and compare its use in both tales. You should also bring the modes of the romance and the fabliau into your discussion about each tale.
Do not use outside research… exceptions include a dictionary, lecture notes (provided), and background information from the textbook (Abrams, M.H., ed. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. 8th ed.Vols. A,B & C. New York: Norton, 2006). Do not need a works cited page. A minimum of 6 direct quotations from The Canterbury Tales.
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intro_to_tales.pdf(102,52 KiB)
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knight_apos_s_tale-_romance.pdf(1,42 MiB)
intro_to_knight_apos_s_tale.pdf(4,30 MiB)

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