Market Reaction to Departures of Audit Committee Directors

Assignment:               Research Paper

Weighting:                 20%

Word Count:             1000 Words maximum (+ or – 10%)


Groups of three or four students will be allocated to one of the accounting academic journals from the list provided below. You are required to conduct a search of the papers published in the journal over the past three years and find an empirical research paper which focuses on an aspect of financial reporting. Once a paper has been located, you are required to complete the following.


  1. Prepare a brief summary of the background of the paper (6 marks). Email the lecturer a one (1) PowerPoint slide summary of the background of the paper (see point 1. below) before Monday of Week 6. In addition, be prepared to briefly comment on the submission in the second seminar held in Week 6.


  1. Review the research paper and prepare a report (14 marks). The report is required to cover each of the five points outlined below.
  1. Background:

What issue or problem did the research address?


  1. Theory and Hypotheses:

Outline any theory applied in the study? Were specific hypotheses tested?


  1. Research Design:

What sample was used? How was data obtained? What statistical tests were conducted, and what was their purpose?


  1. Findings:

Briefly summarise the research findings.


  1. Implications:

What are the implications of the research project and its findings and relevance for future accounting practice?


Journal List

  • Accounting and Business Research
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting Horizons
  • Accounting Research Journal
  • Australian Accounting Research
  • Contemporary Accounting Research
  • British Accounting Review
  • Journal of Accounting and Public Policy
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics
  • Pacific Accounting Review
  • Review of Accounting Studies
  • The Accounting Review

Additional Notes

Presentation of Written Work

Accounting students are expected to submit work that is written in a coherent manner, with attention given to grammar, spelling, referencing and any specified word count. Marks will be deducted if any of these aspects of presentation are not given adequate attention (see marking guidelines below).



Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Any application for an extension will need to be supported by independent evidence (for example, a medical certificate).


Submission Requirements

The assignment is to be submitted in the Tuesday class in Week 11 and, electronically via the iLearn Turnitin link. Please attach a copy of the reviewed paper to your submitted assignment.


Marking Guidelines

  1. Brief summary of the background of the paper (6 marks):
  • Accurate PowerPoint summary slide delivered on-time (3 marks).
  • Seminar week 6 – able to succinctly explain the background of the paper (3 marks).


  1. Review of Research Paper and Report (14 marks):
  • Adequate attention given to grammar, spelling, suitable referencing and observed the maximum word count (2 marks).
  • Demonstrated understanding of the research paper by a coherent and accurate discussion relating to points one to four as required to be addressed in the report (8 marks).
  • Discussion of implications and findings (point five) shows understanding of how the research paper informs accounting practice (4 marks).


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