Essay, Family and consumer science

Provide a brief description of the event and child(ren) you observed including approximate age, gender, race, and physical characteristics.
Provide descriptions of the child(ren) engagement in the event. Were they paying attention? Were they occupied with other activities? Did they understand the concepts of what was happening? How does that fit into their cognitive development?
Given many of these events outlast a childs attention span, describe how well the children regulated their emotions (assuming they were bored or not into the game). If they were into the game, how did they handle watching their team do well and do poorly?
Provide a brief description of what kind of supervision the parents/guardians provided. For instance:
Were the parents attentive to the child(ren) needs? Did they ignore them? Were they proactive in keeping them occupied? Did they just buy them snacks to keep them quiet?
please use the simple words to finish the essay!
Added on 26.09.2016 17:12
the most important: Community Observations is Sporting Event!

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